Nothing To Lose

Kieran with Owen

Nothing To Lose are a Skate/Pop-Punk band from Grimsby, England.


The band consists of Kieran Pykett (Vocals, Guitar), Ross Turner (Vocals, Lead Guitar), Josh Sutton (Bass) and Owen Armitage (Drums, Vocals).


Together they mix the classic skate punk attitude with a modern pop punk twist, taking inspirations from acts such as Blink 182, Neck Deep, Sum 41 and NOFX.


The band met after many lineup and overall band changes and came together with the same passion for music and the punk scene. Nothing To Lose are planning to release their debut single this upcoming summer (2019) and begin to gig with their energetic and fun set list.












Band Members:


Ross Turner – Guitar/VOX


Owen Armitage – Drums/VOX


Josh Sutton – Bass/VOX


Kieran Pykett – VOX/Guitar




















  Phone: 07492 191313






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