Rock Vox Academy

Hayley Chapman is the owner of The Rock Vox Singing/Vocals Academy in Grantham, teaching all levels of learners, both online and in person.


Hayley teaches a wide array of styles Jazz, Pop, Rock, Soul, Funk and musical theatre to name a few. Whether you are a beginner or more experienced singer, Hayley can teach you in the Rock Vox singing studio, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.


When coming to Rock Vox Academy Hayley teaches the Trinity Rock Pop singing syllabus if you are wanting to achieve grades. She can also tailor singing lessons in a way to best help you whether it be for a singing audition, a live performance either solo or in a band set up, or perhaps its always been your dream to learn to sing. Whatever your background, at Rock Vox Academy Hayley will help you achieve the best with your voice.


Rock Vox Academy is now taking bookings for online singing lessons starting September 2020. This is open to both new and current singers. Hayley will also be available in September to not only teach three evenings, but also to teach midweek in the daytime. So if you’ve always wanted to learn to sing, or are a singer who is more experienced but you’d like to brush up on your technique send Hayley an email and she can arrange to book you in.


Singing has never been so accessible for all.


Hayley Chapman


September 2020

Monday 5pm – 9pm

Wednesday 5pm – 9pm

Thursday 4.30 – 9pm

Friday 10am – 2pm


Also in September will be opening more for daytime singing lessons online. Get in touch to book on.

Open during school term time only, with occasional workshops in holidays.