The What

The What opened the “Fighting 4 Louth Hospital” campaign gig with surprise appearances from Corrine Drewery (Swing Out Sister) and percussionist, Jody Linscott.



L-R: Anton Drewery, Corrine Drewery, Paul Drewery, Jody Linscott, Joe Drewery, Richard Hodgetts.


Musical Genre: Rock





Anton Drewery – Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar


Richard Hodgetts – Bass/Backing Vocals


Paul Drewery – Drums/Backing Vocals


Joe Drewery – Lead Guitar




In early 2019, The What released a CD of tracks featuring the band plus Anton and Paul’s sister, Corrine Drewery (Swingout Sister), Percussionist, Jody Linscott, and Andy Connell on Organ and Piano.



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