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Books by local Authors.

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Kate Brumby – In the Palm of His Hand. Kindle Edition Buy Now

Kieran Campbell – Busy Dying. Buy Now

Eamonn Griffin – East of England. Buy Now

Eamonn Griffin – Benches of Louth. Buy Now

Ros Jackson – Melody of Demons (The Kaddon Keys Book 1).  Buy Now

Ros Jackson – Symphony of War Volume Two (The Kaddon Keys.)   Buy Now

Ros Jackson – The Secret Eater: Volume 1 (Kenssie).  Buy Now

Ros Jackson – Diabolical Taste: Volume 2 (Kenssie).  Buy Now

Nick Louth – Bite.  Buy Now

Nick Louth – The Body in the Marsh.  Buy Now

Nick Louth – Heart Breaker.  Buy Now

Nick Louth – Mirror Mirror. Buy Now

Nick Louth – Trapped.  Buy Now