Community Poem Call Out



We’re creating a Community Poem! Would you like to contribute?


Simply respond to our prompt ‘one day I will…’


You can use up to 4 lines, and interpret the prompt any way you wish.


Adult content is fine. The only rule is no hate speech.


Entry is free, and all successful submissions will be collated and edited together to create one large Poem to be published in print and ebook. Successful entrants will receive a free copy of the ebook, and the option to buy a copy of the print version at cost price.


Entrants of all abilities welcome. Must be 16yrs+Deadline 6pm 1st March 2021.


Please DM us your submission at Baker Publishing, as any submissions posted in the comments or elsewhere will not qualify.


Please feel free to share, and tag fellow poets! 💛


Sponsored by Baker Publishing, Lincoln, UK.

LAAMB Mixcloud Shows

I’m going to be adding more of these as they seem to be getting a lot more attention internationally than the web site. Also, they’re very easy to promote on Social Media. The recent one for Suburban Toys hit the fifty views mark in the first couple of hours of publishing.


However, because of this newly found international recognition, I think it’s only fair that we add a new group to the LAAMB family which I plan to name “International LAAMBS”. This will allow me to maintain the local Lincolnshire content local, while at the same time, providing a platform for those who support us from overseas.


Currently, I have requests for inclusion from a couple of bands in our former hometown of Cairns in North Queensland, Australia, as well as others in Brasil, United States, Europe and Japan. Therefore I have a plan for a “LAAMB Introduces International LAAMBS”.


Don’t forget, anybody can have a track or tracks on one of our Mixcloud shows. It’s quite simple and it doesn’t cost you anything. I’m especially hoping to do a more “Classical” show as soon as I can get half an hour together. So come on you Concert Societies, and Classical musicians, don’t be left out. LAAMB is about you guys too.


If you’re not sure what Mixcloud is, take a look HERE.